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Skills training for teens and young adults on the Autism Spectrum and with ADHD has come a long way in these past few decades. It wasn’t very long ago that diagnosing one with Autism was treated as a tragedy and ADHD was treated as an excuse to drug unruly children. We now know that neither of those things is true. Receiving a diagnosis of Autism doesn’t mean you are broken, it just means you are different and neurodivergent. Being diagnosed with ADHD doesn’t mean one is unruly, it means they need to be taught differently than a neurotypical person would be. You can still live a phenomenal life after an ADHD or Autism diagnosis and have a successful career. All you need is the right skills to keep you on the right path and embrace your neurodiversity. P.A.T.H. therapists are here to help guide you to success.

Learning Disabilities

In many cases, a parent’s first clue that their child is affected by Autism or ADHD is their behavior at school. Difficulty learning or focusing in class or connecting with peers leads to a conversation with a concerned teacher. Research has shown that for many children and adolescents learning disabilities are linked with Autism and/or ADHD. When you are faced with your child’s school expressing concerns about behavior or learning challenges, it’s always best to go see a professional for an evaluation right away. Any of P.A.T.H.’s evaluators can help diagnose if ADHD or Autism is contributing to your child’s difficulties in school. From there, P.A.T.H. therapists can begin the process of coaching your child and helping them manage their attention and thought processes. And as for you as a parent? There are resources available to assist the parents of autistic or ADHD children as they go through school. Our evaluation can help your child qualify for school accommodations and the support they need to succeed in school. Whatever you need, the first step is to receive an evaluation by a P.A.T.H. professional.

Science and Technology Class

Parent Training For

Isn’t it amazing how much of good parenting is about working on yourself? Every decent parent has had to spend some time practicing patience and developing a sense of humor. You know that getting angry at a two-year-old who you caught coloring on the walls doesn’t really help anything. This can be even more difficult when your child is experiencing a condition such as ADHD or Autism. ADHD and Autism are, in essence, brains that process information in a different way than everybody else. Raising a child whose brain processes information differently than yours is a significant challenge. P.A.T.H. wants to help you understand your child’s mind and offer you some practical advice on how to connect with them. Our therapists balance science and compassion to build an effective plan for aiding and assisting your child as they grow.


Times might have changed, but your child getting an ADHD or Autism diagnosis is still scary. You may even be hesitant to get your child evaluated because of those fears. But more than that you want your child to be successful and happy. Our ADHD and Autism coaching will guide you and your child as they grow. Whatever challenges arise, we want to help you face them. Contact us today to evaluate your child and come up with a care plan to help them succeed.

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