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Child Therapy: Helping Your Child’s Development

When you hear the words “child therapy” it’s a little scary. Therapy is so stigmatized that it makes you feel like you’ve failed as a parent. You might even be wondering what went wrong. But the beautiful thing about kids’ minds is that they’re still growing and are very resilient. Taking a child to therapy can only be a positive experience. P.A.T.H.’s team of dedicated therapists can guide your child and help them develop skills in:

  • Personal mental health management

  • Organization and responsiveness

  • Connecting with their peers

  • Executive Functioning skills

  • Discovering their unique learning style

And so much more.

Children in Library
Child Therapist

Neurodivergent Children/
Adolescent Therapy

Over the last few decades, science has gotten so much better at identifying conditions such as ADHD or Autism.  These conditions represent a wide spectrum of people called “neurodivergent.” A lot of past therapy for neurodivergent children focused on an attempt to “cure” their disorders. Unfortunately, even a lot of modern research is focused on ending neurodivergent behavior. Many people want neurodivergent children and adolescents to just conform.

P.A.T.H. recognizes that your child doesn’t need a cure, they need a guide. They need a therapist who will help them discover their strengths, thrive, grow, and get the most out of their lives. P.A.T.H. is dedicated to compassionate care for all children and adolescents who walk through our doors. Any therapy or prescription recommended by our therapists is strengths based and focused on making sure your child gets fulfillment out of their life. Our child and adolescent therapy programs want to help your child shine and grow into the best adult they can be.

Learning Disabilities

Do you suspect your child may have a Learning Disability? That’s never a fun question for a parent to have to ask themselves. It’s difficult to think of your child struggling with anything, let alone something as public as their ability to learn. But a learning disability does not have to be a crisis for your child. With our evaluation and analysis services, we can help identify specifically what issues are causing your child to struggle with their learning, and what can be done to assist them in their education. Our diagnosis can also be used to qualify you for benefits and programs to assist children with Learning Disabilities and their families. 

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Child In Speech Therapy

Talent Development Through Child and Adolescent Therapy

Do you have a gifted child? Gifted children can be a blessing and source of pride. They can also be a source of stress as you wonder how best to nurture your child’s talents. It might be odd to think of therapy as a tool for nurturing talent and gifts, but it absolutely is. Our P.A.T.H. therapists will teach you and your child how to nurture their gifts and turn them into valuable tools that will help them be successful all through their life. Think of P.A.T.H.’s child therapists as coaches helping your kids get the most out of their raw talent.

Your Child Is Your Whole World

All any parent wants is for their child to be successful. Knowing that your kid grows up to be happy, healthy, and living their best life is the goal for every parent. It can feel like going to therapy is saying there’s something wrong with your child. But you aren’t. You’re giving your child the tools to overcome life’s challenges. Let’s help your child grow together.

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