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Being In College Means Adjusting to a New Environment

If you’re about to be a college student, therapy is probably the farthest thing from your mind. Movies portray college as an endless party. People everywhere talk about how much fun they had in college. And getting to move away from your parents for the first time, while intimidating, can also feel like a source of relief. Then you get to college and the reality sets in. Moving away from home can leave you feeling unprepared and terrified. Worse, college might shine a light on traumatic aspects of your childhood, digging up feelings of hurt and resentment. Classes and expectations can become a massive source of stress. College student therapy is essential because you need someone skilled to talk to.

Young Student in Library
Young Man in Therapy

Therapy For Learning Disabilities

College is hard enough on its own. But when you have to deal with a learning disability as well, it can go from a challenge to a nightmare. P.A.T.H. is here to help. Our team of expert learning disability specialists can help you come up with good studying practices and mindsets to maximize, find your areas of strengths and your unique learning style. We’ll also walk you through the benefits therapy offers to college students. Our team of professionals can help you navigate the system and resources in place for individuals with disabilities. You may receive accommodations from your professors in order to ensure you can successfully complete your course work. With the help of P.A.T.H., you can complete your degree even if you struggle with learning.

Nurturing Gifted Students

Talent can be a lot of pressure, especially during the transition from high school into higher education. Trying to hold yourself to the standards you set for yourself when you were living at home can feel impossible when you’re on your own. You want to continue being successful, but you need help. That’s where P.A.T.H. comes in. P.A.T.H. therapists and psychologists will help you learn how to handle the new stresses of college life without becoming overwhelmed. Our CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) programs will teach you how to handle doubt, recognize negative self-talk, and establish healthy thought patterns and habits. We’ll also be there to help you connect with on-campus resources to both manage mental health and promote continued academic success. P.A.T.H. provides college student therapy to help gifted students achieve their full potential.

Therapy Session

P.A.T.H. College Student Therapy

P.A.T.H. wants you to succeed. We want you to have a great college experience and come out the other side feeling proud of the work you did there. Whether you have a learning disability, anxiety, or concerns about continued academic success, P.A.T.H. is here to provide you with the guidance and resources you need. Every single college student who visits us can feel confident knowing that P.A.T.H. is on their team. If you are ready to see how any of our doctors can assist you in your college goals, book an appointment with P.A.T.H. today.

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